PCT – Day -2 (27/06) – Tiger Mountains

The day started well, at around 8.30am, with a shower and some darn good coffee from the specialty roaster next door to my hostel, the “Seattle Coffee Works”. I did a little wonder around town, whilst sipping my latte, but quickly decided that it would be better to hit the road and get exploring. So I had a quick glance at the map and without a lot of thinking decided to head for the biggest green blob, East of Seattle, the Tiger Mountain State Forest.

It was a nice drive along Interstate 90, after I’d cleared the major traffic, and eventually I arrived at the “East Tiger Summit” trail head.

As I stepped out of the car, the beautiful fragrance of a coniferous forest welcomed me and I happily stepped on to the trail. It’s a shared path for mountain bikes and hikers but thankfully it was quiet and bikes are only allowed one way: uphill.

The smell of the North

I also sampled the local food.

Despite the colour, it would’ve been better with a few more weeks of sunshine.

I kept walking for a couple of hours, but eventually had to turn around to finish up some shopping.

A good place to turn around

I did end up my day by driving out to a random parking lot in the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park and packed my bag.

Seven days of food and three litres of water and still comfy. Thank you ZPacks.

I went to the hostel at around 9pm,had a shower and went to bed. Unnecessary web browsing kept me awake until 12.30am. Idiot.

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