Cape Trib Trip – The Back Roads

Well, first of all, I survived. We did stay on the Undara camp ground (a campground with well over 700 sites – we were two out of ten guests that night) and we finally received our rain. No, let me rephrase that: we received our deluge. Apparently Atherton received 110mm of rain that night (Germany receives on average between 50-80mm a month). Although I do not have any official figures, Undara must’ve received a similar amount.

Steve, in his wisdom, and knowing about the dangers of his leaky tarp decided to sleep in the car. I, on the other hand, confident in my gear, slept in my hammock.

Now, I did have to get out and adjust the tarp a little to stop spray coming in. After that though, it was might comfy. I actually ended up watching a movie on my tablet (hey, we’re car camping, okay) before going to sleep.

The morning after was beautiful and sunny we soon got on to the road heading home.


Steve Posing as Proud Car Owner (in His Dreams)

We ended up taking the Gregory highway (63) all the way down to Charters Towers, which turned out to be a fabulous choice. Smooth road most of the way (only a few remaining single lane stretches) and no traffic whatsoever. I think we had stretches of an hour without seeing another car. Considering this being only the hinterland and not really real outback (sorry Charters Towers), it’s pretty amazing.


And Steve Wonders Why I Love Clouds

We decided against turning off on to Hervey Range road and going home, but decided to extend our trip by a night in Charters Towers (amazingly, despite Steve having lived in Townsville for over 30 years, he’d never made it to CT).

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