Cape Trib Trip – Undara

We’re off into the hinterland. The volcanic park in Undara is the goal. Famous for their lava tubes, Undara is overrun with tourists throughout the year – except during the wet season 🙂

We did make a stop in Ravenshoe (Ravens-Hoe, not Raven-Shoe, btw. 😛 ) and had a look at the wind farm. Only three were out of order, so I’m guessing they’re doing better than the guys in South Australia.


I Teleported to Europe to Take That Shot

Eventually we made it to Undara, where we went to see one of the highlights of the trip: the Kalkani crater rim walk.

What a wonderful place. Since it’s off season, we had the crater all to ourselves. The peacefulness and quietude were breathtaking. The loudest noises to be heard were the crickets chirping and your own heart beat.


What’s Ye Doin’ in Me Kitchen?

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