Cape Trib Trip – Cape Trib the Second

Happy New Year!

Wow, it’s 2017. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t too far off with his vision of 2017 in Running Man. Thank goodness there’s still room to escape from all the madness.

We spent the day busily procrastinating. We used the car very purposefully and drove up and down the roads multiple times for no good reason.


Rainforest Road

We did go for a swim in the crocodile and jellyfish infested waters, figuring that an attack by croc, box jelly, or Irukandji would be preferable to instant death by body odour.

It’s a great feeling when you wade into the ocean and the water temperature is exactly the same as the air you’re breathing. It’s like stepping into thick air, rather than a different medium.


Natural Deodorant

The evening did bring the first clouds though and we got ready to get drenched over night.


Dare I Say It? Independence Day?

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