Cape Trib Trip – Cape Trib

It’s New Year’s eve and the gods of weather are kind. Despite forecasts of “heavy falls”, the sun is smiling upon our tired faces. The night’s been noisy and sleep was possible only intermittently. A group of German backpackers figured that it would be perfectly acceptable to have a boombox on the beach and to drink and dance into the early morning. And there I was, thinking that after having survived the 80’s boombox boom, I could lean back and relax.

It did have one advantage though. I was up early to enjoy the morning beach by myself.


Cape Tribulation with View to “the Point”

We were lucky and the weather stayed stable throughout the day. Temperatures were well over 30 ºC with over 90% humidity. My sweat on the camera lens added a great Instagram photo affect to the scene.


Cape Trib with Sweat Effect

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